Cheap postcards printing: Selecting the best paper

When it comes to postcards, people usually want to get the job done for as low as possible. In their attempt, they overlook a few things that put a negative impact on their branding and marketing through these items. While we talk about postcards, particularly those that one sends in a mail, they go through a lot of handling. They are handled, held, and read. Therefore, you need to be absolutely careful with its manufacturing. The cheap postcards printing by is complete exceptional as they do not overlook the quality at any cost. However, for others, you need to keep the following things in mind as you pick the postcard.

100# uncoated cover

If you are about to send an appointment or reminder card, you can go with this paper. It is bright white and smooth. Known to be #1 grade cover, it is used by several printers and complies with the minimum thickness standards for a postcard that you can send via mail.

120# dull or matte cover

The dull or matte cover is entirely a different taste and is not to the liking of everyone. However, for those that keep an eye on such things, this is just awesome. It is a smooth and non-shiny paper which is heavyweight and 14pt stock. If you are looking for crisp printing and at the same time do not want to sacrifice the writing on paper, you can go with this. It is popular with those that are looking for quality printing of postcards at a reasonable price. Moreover, the additional UV coating can highlight one side while the other can be kept clean.

120# gloss cover

For those of you that have images and photographs to be printed on postcards, this 120# gloss cover can serve best. It has a glossy coating with UV layer often known as the liquid lamination which brings the shine and popping element to your postcards. However, if you have some content to be written on postcards, then you may wish to go with any other paper because it is not too suitable for writing.

200# gloss cover

The 200# gloss cover is thickest and toughest paper for postcards printing. If you are looking for printing at low cost, you might want to consider other papers. It is 24pt thick and has a glossy, smooth finishing. For individuals that want to add the die cuts or foil stamping to their postcards, this type of paper can work the best.

What else

Apart from getting the best paper, one may like to opt for the aqueous coating or UV coating. These are important as they will protect your card from getting scratched and scuffed and can make colors even more prominent.

If you are looking for cheap printing, then it is better that you go with one of the first three choices. Don’t forget to check out the cheap postcards printing by as they can deliver best and quality postcards, crafted as per your requirements, at very reasonable rates.