How you can increase the number of real comments Instagram

How you can increase the number of real comments Instagram

If you want to have more and more comments on your Instagram posts, you are at the right spot. Regardless of the fact that you are a business that is running Instagram account or an individual who is just a regular user of the platform, we will reveal to you some tips and tricks with which you can get real comments Instagram. While companies like kccatl provide you a chance to purchase some engagement for your posts (which is never a bad idea), you must never count out the natural methods.

Giveaway or contest
One of the most popular posts on social accounts include the giveaway and contests. If you happen to be a business that can hold a giveaway content, then you must do so. Ensure that it is entertaining, catchy, and almost everyone should be able to take part in it. Going for something in which all individuals cannot participate or opting for something that is not catchy will make people lose interest in it. But your aim here is to achieve more and more engagement on your post. So create something in which anyone who sees the post can participate as well as make them mention their friends and fellows who can be a part of the contest too.

Put up a controversial question
Let’s have an example that can address this point appropriately. What if I ask you ‘how Trump is doing for America?’ Or let alone put up a debate about ‘which one is better? Apple or Samsung?’ Well, there are among the type of questions for which most of the public have some sort of answer. They have their own opinion and some of them will support Trump while others will criticize him. At the same time, you will find individuals that love Samsung while others may be a big fan of Apple. Thus, asking such things will bring a lot of engagement to your posts. However, do note that it is crucial for you not to put your own opinion because in such case you might be seen as biased and that may cause some disliking among people for you (as everyone cannot respect the opinion of others!).

Ask something that is revealing
Another way of asking a question but this time we won’t jump into controversies. Many business tend to stay away from asking anything that can fall in the category of controversy and ultimately the solution for them is asking something revealing. Ask a question from your users regarding an aspect so that you can have their opinion. Make them reveal something from their perspective, from their eye. Or you may ask them a personal question (but be sure that you do not be a bit too personal).

Get a company to help you out
If the above things seem a bit too much to you, you can always go for easy solution. Go to a company like kccatl and ask them to provide you some comments. They will take the number of remarks you need, charge you a reasonable amount, and make sure that there is real engagement on your post.